Umbrella Company Resource Centre

The umbrella company resource centre is here to help existing umbrella companies or new start ups in the industry. Our aim is therefore to ensure that the information available to companies can help work to HMRC guidelines and provide compliant services to contractors.

Listed below are some of the umbrella company topics that are frequently asked. We hope that each section will provide sufficient information for any umbrella company to be able to operate compliantly within the UK. However if we have missed something let us know.

So let’s take a look at who may be able to help!

The Umbrella Company Resource Centre

Over-Arching Contracts of Employment

An umbrella company is an employer and therefore all contractors working with them should sign a Contract of Employment. This is also referred to as a contract of service. This contractual arrangement establishes the rights and obligations in such matters as maternity pay, sick pay and employment protection. Contract and employment law is undoubtedly complicated. There is a substantial body of case law which provides guidance on what constitutes a contract of service. Read more…

Travel and Subsistence Expenses

To summarise, expenses and umbrella companies are incredibly complex and there are many differing views on how and if they should be applied. So to help you make a decision, we have details below some information on claiming expenses.
The 24 Month Rule
Expenses and the Minimum Wage
Expense Checking
Scale Rate Payments
Expense Myths

The Agency Worker Regulations

The AWR or Agency Worker Regulations is a law which is deemed to look after the rights of the temporary worker. It is certainly a complicated piece of legislation which has to be adhered to by agencies, but it is also the reponsibility of the umbrella company also.
The Swedish Derogation Model
‘Exemptions’ from AWR
AWR Case Law

Contract of Employment Case Law

This section provides details case law which has influenced the way in which umbrella companies have been shaped throughout the years. For example, Ready-Mixed Concrete (South East) Limited v. Minister of Pensions and National Insurance 1968 looks at whether the worker was employed under a contract for services or a contract for services.

Guidance & Legislation Documents

Our documents section is a comprehensive library of any papers, legislative documents and information that an umbrella company may need. Most importantly, you don’t have to search the internet for what you need, because you can access it all in one place!

Case Law

In this section, we have tried to list case law which affects the umbrella industry and what it means to businesses. That is to say, we have tried to keep information which relates to the industry in one place for you.

Firstly, would you like to add some information to the umbrella company resource centre? Secondly, do you think there is some information missing? If so, we will always add to the page, so do let us know. In conclusion, we want to make this site as comprehensive as possible, so do let us know!