Disguised as an umbrella company

When an umbrella company is NOT an umbrella company!

Choosing an umbrella company can be confusing, especially when you search the internet and a long list of so-called umbrella companies appear, how are you to know the difference? How do you know that it isn’t a company disguised as an umbrella company?

So do you call and they spend valuable time convincing you that they are compliant, that you will be safe and sound if you work through them. Do they say “it’s ok, we are QC approved”?

We all know that the sale pitch can be amazing and that the offer of a higher take home can be the hook they need to get you onboard, however is it really worth it?

The simple answer is NO. If they are operating in a non-compliant way (please take a look at the guidelines) and it is your personal taxes that are being played with, then it will be you that HMRC come looking for.

Albeit any tax savings you may have had via the company, could still be due, and if HMRC find that there was tax avoidance or evasion involved, then firstly you could be looking at tax payments and secondly, fines on top of these!

All of a sudden the compliant brolly offering you take home of 52-56% take home as a 40% tax payer is not looking so bad after all!

Potential Tax Avoidance Schemes

We have been made aware that the following list of companies whose business model or operations do not sit within the guidelines shown on the Umbrella Company Industry Guidelines, however if you are able to provide details to the contrary then we would be very interested to hear from you.

Ace Pay Solutions
Accessa Ltd
Aegis Umbrella
Albany IT
AM Limited (AML)
Anderson Group Associate Services
Aston Mae
APSL Umbrella
Bedouin Pay
Best Pay
Better Pay
BFB Umbrella (Big Fat Bhudda Ltd)
Calheta Consulting
Carnegie Knox
Cascade Management Solutions Ltd
Cavendish Management
CBN Global
Choice Premier
Contractor Angels
Clever PAYE
CLW Management
Contractor Payroll Solutions
Contractor Tax Solution
Cornhill Wealth Management
Darwin Pay
Dynamic Partners
Eagle Umbrella Payroll
Engineering Contractor Services Ltd
Extra Limited
FS Commercial
FT Solutions
Gini Wealth
IQ Contracts
Majestic Wealth Ltd
Maximise Your Pay
Montpelier Tax Consultants
More Pay
Network One
Norris International
Onshore Tax Solutions
One Consulting
Optima Professionals
Opus Management Ltd
PayeCompare Payroll (UK) Ltd
PayGroup PLC
Premier Pay
Prinicpal Contractors
QPS Umbrella
QIS Limited (Quay Income Solutions)
Resolute Payments
Rousseau International
Shield Contract Services (UK) Ltd
Smart Pay
Target Umbrella Limited
Tax Devil
Tax Guardians
Intelligent Tax Solutions
TEK Umbrella
The Pay Club
Tower Umbrella
Universal Payroll Services UK
Contract Partners UK
Pay Group
Vantage Point Strategies
Viva Contracts
Winchester Contracts

If you come across a company that you think may be operating as a tax avoidance scheme, or as a company disguised as an umbrella company, then we would love to hear from you. However you can also report them direct to HMRC by visiting this link; Report Tax Avoidance Schemes.