AUCAE Surveys

At AUCAE, we work hard to ensure that contractors get their say to changes to legislation which may have an impact on them and the industry as a whole.

#AS2015Contractors Respond Together

Launch Date: 11th November ’15
Closing Date: 30th November ’15

On 25th November, the Chancellor will announce the Autumn Statement 2015 which we hope will provide much needed clarification on Travel & Subsistence claims, Dividend changes, and IR35 Legislation amends. AUCAE are looking to ensure that contractors have the opporutnity to stand up and be heard together… We are launching a social media campaign using the hashtag #AS2015Contractors so that we can ensure that the contractors voices are heard “together”. So if you want to stand up and have your say, AUCAE urge you to join in our campaign and use #AS2015 Contractors.
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Contractor Responses to the IR35 Discussion Document

Launch Date: 22nd September ’15
Closing Date: 29th September ’15
Responses: 89

Following a recent discussion with HMRC, AUCAE are launching its second national contractor survey; this time on IR35. HMRC are planning on moving the responsibility of determination from contractors to the “engager” (as yet undefined) in a bid to improve compliance.

HMRC believe that only 10% of contractors are working inside IR35 and they believe that this figure should be much higher. The cost to the taxpayer is, they say, over £430m per year, we believe that most bonafide contractors are in business on their own account and we need your help to prove it. So we urge you to take 10 minutes to complete the survey so that we can provide documentary evidence to HMRC as part of our written response to the proposed changes. #haveyoursay

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National Contractor Travel & Subsistence (T&S) Survey

​Launch Date: 29th July ’15
Closing Date: 23rd August ’15
Responses: 709

As you may or may not have seen, many umbrella companies and industry professionals have been in attendance at the recent T&S consultations working to provide comprehensive written responses on the impact that legislative changes will have on the industry as a whole. However, what AUCAE has noticed, is that what doesn’t appear to have been heard is the voice of the highly skilled, temporary workforce in the UK that this will affect. So do you, the contractor want the opportunity to be heard? AUCAE are looking to respond to the announcements made in the Budget and we want you to be part of that. All responses will be collated, anonymised and included in any submissions that we make to HMRC as an industry body. We want the contractors’ voices to be heard so that the Government and HMRC gain a full understanding of the sector and the integral role that contractors play in keeping the economy moving in the right direction. #haveyoursay
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Recruiter Travel & Subsistence Survey

Launch Date: 29th July ’15
Closing Date: 23rd August ’15

In the 2015 Budget, it was announced that a restriction would be placed on travel and subsistence relief for workers engaged through an employment intermediary, such as an umbrella company or a personal service company. It was determined that this restriction would apply to workers who were under the supervision, direction and control of the end-user. The changes will come in in April 2016 following a consultation with HMRC and concerned parties.

As a recruiter, the aim is to find the best candidate at the best price for an end client; sometimes this will mean tracking down a contractor who lives 100 miles away from the client’s site. After April 2016 recruiters will either have to:
1. Find a less suitable candidate who lives closer to the client’s site and risk the client being dissatisfied.
2. Negotiate a higher rate with the client to cover the candidates increased costs or risk losing the candidate to another role closer to his home.
3. Negotiate with the client to remove any rights that they may want in place to exercise supervision, direction or control over the candidate.
4. Take a reduced margin themselves so that the changes don’t impact on the clients.

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Contractor Understanding of Tax Avoidance Schemes

​Launch Date: August ’14
Closing Date: November ’14

A recent survey by industry body All Umbrella Companies Are Equal has revealed that HMRC are just not reaching their target audience. Is it that tax is just too taxing or are heads being buried in the sand?

The Offshore and Onshore Intermediaries Legislation had massive implications for the contracting world but over 70% of people who responded to the survey had never heard of them. The Onshore Intermediaries Legislation meant that 1000’s of workers who, for years, had been in the CIS scheme were, all of a sudden, liable for PAYE taxes which, if their contract rate was not increased, reduced their take home pay significantly. Although there were many articles published by umbrella companies, industry bodies and recruitment agency representatives the message just didn’t get across which resulted in strikes and protests by the affected workers when the changes came into force. 

Maybe it’s that information that comes from HMRC is just not as targeted as it should be or maybe it’s that people just don’t want to hear it? Alternatively it could be that there is too much ‘misinformation’ for the message to be clear. Tax avoidance is extremely high profile at the moment and HMRC’s clampdown has been well publicised, yet 67% of people responding to the AUCAE survey said that they had been approached by tax avoidance promoters, calling themselves umbrella companies, offering ‘high reward, low risk’ schemes. These scheme operators can appear very credible and with 87% of those surveyed not knowing the penalties for tax avoidance the ‘high reward’ must be very tempting. Yet contractor forums are full of tales of suffering from those who have used such schemes and been caught out by HMRC!