Ask an Umbrella Expert

Working with an umbrella company, whether a recruiter or a contractor, can make your life so much easier. They can also save you both time and hassle! BUT there are companies that call themselves umbrella companies that will do completely the opposite. Not sure where to start? Ask an Umbrella Expert… Or take a look at some of the companies we are aware of that offer tax avoidance schemes

Promoters of tax avoidance schemes will promise high rates of take home pay. They state absolutely no risk to contractor or recruiter but that claim couldn’t be further from the truth. HMRC are targeting tax avoidance schemes with ferocity and far greater resources; penalties for non-compliance are higher than they have ever been before.

So, how do you tell the good from the bad? How do you make a decision about which providers to work with?

As with everything else in life – Ask An Umbrella Expert!

We have contacts in the industry with years of experience in this marketplace and they are happy to share their extensive knowledge with you. So if you would like some advice on any “umbrella company”, please complete the form below and we will come back to you asap.