Umbrella Resource Centre

All Umbrella Companies Are Equal would like to welcome you to the contracting resource centre. We put together this resource to provide unbiased advice, information and support to the contracting community. Likewise, it is also design to assist and support umbrella companies and recruitment agencies throughout the UK.

Since the AUCAE launch, the feedback we have received about the industry is that there is no easy way to find out the “facts” on contracting through umbrella companies. The information currently available to all parties can involve deceptive marketing ploys, biased “paid” advertising and in some cases, quite simply, incorrect advice.

Therefore, this section of the site is designed to support everyone in the contracting industry working with or through an umbrella company. In conclusion, we offer no bias, no hidden agenda – just facts, so you can determine the best route to go down!

Contractor Resource Centre

This section of the site is designed to provide contractors with all the information they require in order to:
Help chose a compliant umbrella company.
Understand how your umbrella company is operating.
Determine if you need to look for another umbrella company to contract through.

Umbrella Company Resource

So if you are operating as an umbrella company in the UK, this resource is designed to:
Help keep you up to date with legislation changes.
Ask any questions you may have about changes within the industry.
Seek advice on operations for your business.

Recruiter / Agency Resource

With changes to this industry happening regularly, AUCAE can help keep recruiters on top of what they need to look out for when engaging with an umbrella company.

In short, we are here to help… However, if you can’t find the information you need then give us a shout or head on over to the Contractor UK forum for contractor advice.