Contracting Directory

AUCAE have compiled a contracting directory listing which to give you access to a range of companies offering contractors services.

There are many benefits of working as a contractor including financial benefits, flexibility, skill development and many more. The list of positives are rather appealing to most, however it also means that there are certain things that you may have to take into account that as a normal employee you would not normally have to consider. Do you need to have insurance? Will you have access to health insurance? Can I get a mortgage as a contractor? HMRC have issued me a letter claiming I have been involved in tax avoidance and I don’t know what to do!

Contracting Recruitment Directory

Are you looking for that next contract role? Do you need to find a recruiter who works in your contracting field? Use our contract recruitment directory to help find your next assignment.

Contractor Finance Directory

As a contractor sorting out your finances can be time consuming and confusing. The AUCAE contractor finances directory can help you, whether that is to find a mortgage, sort health insurance or look into FX echange rate options.

Contractor Legal Services Directory

Have you used an umbrella company that you think may have left you with issues with HMRC? Received a COP9 letter? Have you got caught up with a tax avoidance scheme? If you need any kind of support and advice on working with or via an umbrella company and don’t know where to look then take a look at our Contractor Legal Services directory.

Would you like to be part of the contracting directory listing on the AUCAE site? Like to have the opportunity to promote your business to thousands of contractors and agemcies / umbrella companies? Then please click here and we will come back to you with details.