Working with Umbrella Companies

All Umbrella Companies Are Equal

A few words from the Founder of All Umbrella Companies Are Equal

AUCAE was set up in April 2013 by Lucy, as more contractors were being put at risk of investigation by HMRC. We also discovered that some companies believed that they were operating compliantly. They were paying for and receiving advice from “industry professionals’, which did not necessarily sit wholly inline with HMRC guidance.

With this in mind, we produced the AUCAE Guidelines aimed at providing reliable advice to flexible, contracting workers in the UK. It was also designed to support agencies or end clients looking to understand the industry and work with companies that provide compliant solutions.

So what is in this for the founder?

“The simple answer is that we wanted a level playing field. This allowed contractors to make a decision based on the service they receive from an umbrella company. This is about working together as an industry, not trying to put any blame on any one company. It became clear from speaking with some companies that the professional advice paid for was not always as they’d hoped. For example, their “over-arching” contract, yet the contract still does not stand in line with UK contract law. AUCAE exists to provide guidance to umbrella companies to highlight any issues and correct them accordingly to satisfy HMRC. AUCAE has industry backing from Blake Morgan, one of the top employment legal firms in the UK.”

Lucy Smith, Founding Member of All Umbrella Companies Are Equal (MD of Clarity Umbrella).

In conclusion, AUCAE is here to help you through every step of your way on your contracting journey. Have a question about working with an umbrella company or concerns over how your umbrella is operating? Then do get in touch.

AUCAE has a vast experience of the schemes, marketing techniques and loopholes that some companies operate under. There are always new “concepts” that we would be very interested to hear about. Then we can advise fellow contractors and agencies of the risks they may be taking if they choose to operate via one of these companies.