Support for AUCAE

All Umbrella Companies Are Equal are working towards a safer working environment for all contractors within the UK. AUCAE is pleased to have received continued support in our venture towards a level playing field. We have also had our guidelines reviewed and feedback taken onboard. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

Find out who gives support for AUCAE…

Robin Wythes, Team Leader for the Employment Status Policy Team stated;
“HMRC sees the formation of any organisation designed to help its members to be tax compliant as a positive development and one fully in keeping with our strategy to support those who wish to be compliant. I hope that we can work together to support our mutual aim of all umbrella companies operating within the law.”

Oliver Weiss, Associate at Blake Morgan
AUCAE are pleased to have spoken to one of the UK’s leading employment law specialists to secure their involvement with AUCAE.

Blake Morgan have extensive experience working with the recruitment and umbrella industries. Oliver Weiss, Associate commented;

“It makes a refreshing change for companies competing against each other to stand together towards a common goal. We recognise the need for a self-regulating body to drive up standards of compliance. We are keen to give our stamp of approval for the work that has been done by All Umbrella Companies Are Equal so far.”

Lucy Smith, one of the founding members of All Umbrella Companies are Equal commented;

“The legislation which surrounds both the recruitment and umbrella sectors is complicated. It is also ever-changing and therefore specialist knowledge is required to guarantee compliance. However, after extensive talks with members it would seem that many have been presented with contracts that are purported to be over-arching when, in reality, they are far from that.

This leaves the umbrella company, through no fault of their own, at risk of investigation and possible prosecution from HMRC. The complications arise as a result of the framework required for this type of business crossing boundaries between tax, employment and contract law. Without extensive knowledge on all legal and financial aspects, it becomes easy for companies to become overwhelmed and confused.”