Taylor Review: Consultation on the establishment of a new single labour market enforcement body in the UK

Since the publication of the 2017 Taylor Review of Modern Employment Practice, The Good Work Plan is back in the news again. The government has launched a consultation to consider the case for a new single labour market enforcement body.

The reasoning behind this consultation on the original Taylor Review is the government’s recognition that “effective enforcement plays a vital role in giving individuals the confidence to challenge employers where they are denied their rights and it creates a level playing field between businesses”.

As with the original report the focus will be on protecting the most vulnerable workers’ employment rights.

Could this be a welcomed change for compliant umbrella companies?

The proposal is that a new single labour market enforcement body would deal with the National Minimum Wage (currently enforced by HMRC); employment agency regulations (currently enforced by the Employment Agency Standard Inspectorate); umbrella companies; licences to supply temporary labour in high risk sectors e.g. agriculture and the fresh food chain (currently enforced by the Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority); labour and worker exploitation; and holiday pay for vulnerable workers.

The consultation closing date is 6 October 2019. Find out more here.

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