Self-employed are less stressed than everyone else!

Umbrella company contractors will be pleased to learn that the self-employed sector has been found to be less stressed compared to their permanent counterparts. The recent data, compiled by AXA Business Insurance, dissolved a number of myths surrounding the self-employed sector in its annual Stress Index. Many people will assume that contractors are more likely to suffer from stress due to the nature of contracting, however, findings from the report show that fewer self-employed people said their stress came from their work life: 42% compared to 61% of company employees.

Work for yourself and you are also three times less likely to say you deal with ‘difficult’ people as part of your daily work. The overall result of the survey revealed that those working for themselves are not only less stressed, but they have a better work-life balance and better mental wellbeing than everyone else too. Gareth Howell, Managing Director, AXA Direct, commented, “We have the stereotype of the adrenalin driven entrepreneur and assume that being your own boss is always stressful. Looking at our index, self-employed people do indeed appear stressed, but that’s only before you compare them to everyone else. This is a fascinating bit of insight: does life just get less stressful when you’re self-employed, or do you simply become more resilient?”

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