Cybersecurity soft skills in high demand

Umbrella company contractors working within the IT sector, particularly in cybersecurity, will be pleased to learn that soft skills are in high demand.

A recent report, carried out by Dimensional Research for Tripwire, Inc. questioned IT security professionals and found that of the 315 surveyed, 100% firmly believe that soft skills are vital when hiring for their teams. When asked to choose which skills were most important to them when taking on additional staff for their security teams, they answered:

‘Analytical thinker’ (65%)
‘Good communicator’ (60%)
‘Troubleshooter’ (59%)
‘Strong integrity and ethical behaviour’ and
‘Ability to work under pressure’ (both at 58%)

Of those surveyed, 72% said that the need for soft skills has grown significantly over the last two years, with 21% believing that soft skills are in fact more important than technical skills when it comes to hiring. Tim Erlin, vice president of product management and strategy at Tripwire, commented, “The cybersecurity industry should not overlook the soft skills that are needed to build a strong security program. “The reality is that today’s security pros need to go beyond technical expertise. Security practitioners need to be good communicators who can connect cybersecurity issues to business priorities, rally the rest of the organisation to get involved, solve tough problems and handle sensitive issues with integrity.”

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