How much of an impact are compliance issues having?

Having a handle on contractor management in recruitment is critical in the smooth running of a business. This month we asked you for your feedback on some of the most important issues related to this subject. Extract from Article published in Recruitment International – October 2014 – Contractor Management How much of an impact are compliance issues having?

Wesley Scott, director of Liberty Bishop and member of All Umbrella Companies Are Equal, commented, “2014 has seen new legislation which impacts upon the way in which payroll companies are required to operate and, just as importantly, the way in which recruitment organisations need to interact with payroll providers in order to avoid risk. These changes came as a ‘heavy blow’ to some non-compliant payroll operators. In contrast, true fully compliant providers of PAYE umbrella services have not needed to change any aspect of their service. Instead, most have been busy assisting agencies on how to implement due diligence strategies…and this has resulted in substantial growth due to improved agency understanding of how to avoid non-compliant providers. If you have yet to implement a due diligence process, we would advise you to act NOW.”

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