Can I claim the cost of postage for sending in my ID Documents to my umbrella?

We have been approached by a contractor following on from the recent article published in relation to the new ID checks that are to be enforced by the Home Office. They are asking the question as to whether the cost of the postage to send in these documents can be recouped as an expense through their umbrella?

Lucy Smith of ContractorUmbrella responds: The question of whether or not the cost of postage can be claimed has the same rationale as any other expense; you will have had to pay to send your documents to your umbrella company because you have undertaken the contract and for no other reason. Therefore the requirement for ‘wholly and exclusively’ is met and the cost is allowable as an expense. With regard to the mileage claim for travel to the post office, in theory yes it would be allowable.

However, you would have to prove that there is no duality of purpose so you wouldn’t be able to post anything else at the same time as you posted your ID and, if you had a post office that was in walking distance but you chose to drive HMRC may question it.

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