HMRC issue email address to assist individuals with queries on intermediaries contracts.

HMRC has released details of an email address that has been set up for anyone wishing to make HMRC aware of different types of models being promoted as an alternative to the changes to the employment intermediaries legislation. Over the years many of these schemes can appear with different names, ranging from EBTs to simple loan schemes. This isn’t to say that all such models are set up deliberately to get around the new legislation, but should you have any concerns then you can, if you wish, provide the details to HMRC. HMRC set up this email having received many requests from both companies and individuals to query such scheme’s. HMRC anticipate that it will be used to provide copies of contracts being offered, which are of concern, so as to seek HMRC’s technical view.

If you have any queries with contracts provided by such schemes, or companies claiming to be HMRC Approved or QC Approved, then the email address is:

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