Latest enquiry from HMRC targets contractors who used Kinsella Solutions between 2008/09

Back in March 2013, contractors who had used Kinsella Solutions between 2008/09 started to receive letters from the revenue about this EBT scheme. The original thread on a contractor forum was set up for those who had received a Discovery Assessment from HMRC for loans made via an EBT in 2008/9 using Kinsella Solutions Ltd.

One contractor stated: “I received notification March 1st of HMRC discovery. Would be interested in teaming up with anyone using the scheme and had the same letter. Like the other threads it seems we need to lodge an appeal and then align with all the other good advice.” Well, now some 8 months on and the contractors are now starting to receive further letters from HMRC. “I received a discovery letter for 2010 / 2011 yesterday which we are going to appeal naturally. My accountant seems to be of the opinion that HMRC are now ramping up to bring a “collection” type of case. Not quite sure what that constitutes.”

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