Could this be the end for PSC’s in the Public Sector?

The House of Lords has formed a new Select Committee to consider the consequences of the use of Personal Service Companies for tax collection Chairman of the Committee, Baroness Noakes, said: “This inquiry will form a wide-ranging review of the use of Personal Service Companies. During the course of this new inquiry, we will consider extent to which Personal Companies are used and the implications for tax, National Insurance and other wider issues, both from the point of view of workers and those who engage them.

“In these economically difficult times, it is important that the Government receives the tax it should rightfully be receiving, from all those who should be paying it. Equally, we need to ensure that our tax system does not place unreasonable burdens on taxpayers. Of course, this is a complicated topic. “This is why I would encourage anyone who has an interest or experience in this area to send us their evidence and contribute to the debate.”

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