AUCAE welcome i-Paye onboard

I-Paye Limited are the latest umbrella to join the All Umbrella Companies Are Equal Group. We welcome the addition of I-Paye who bring a wealth of experience within the industry to the group.

We asked Paul Hughes, Director of I-Paye why he felt it was important to be part of this group.

“Having worked in the Service Provider sector since 1997 I have believed, for some time, that Umbrella Service Providers have needed a focal point to rally around that has no political and/ or commercial agenda of its own. All Umbrella Companies are Equal (AUCAE) only concern would seem to be that it wishes to further the interests of all its members and the wider Compliant Umbrella Service Providers as a whole, both with HMR&C and the UK Government in General. I believe that AUCAE may just be what the sector has required and reminds me very much of what the Professional Contractors Group was set up for all those years ago. I am happy to add my experience, technical expertise and voice to those who are already members.”

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