Tempted by Tax Avoidance?

HMRC issue latest guidance to people tempted by Tax Avoidance… The vast majority of people in the UK don’t try to avoid tax: they pay the tax they owe when it is due and don’t try to bend or break the rules. A small minority of people are lured into tax avoidance schemes by the promise of big tax savings for little cost or effort.

But trying to dodge tax carries risks. HMRC is very successful at tackling tax avoidance and employs teams of tax, legal and accountancy experts to challenge those who try to get out of paying their tax. Anyone tempted to use a tax avoidance scheme should think very carefully about the costs, the disruption caused by having to deal with HMRC enquiries and potentially lengthy litigation, and uncertainty over the outcome they may face as a result.

Click here to download HMRC’s official leaflet.

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