Umbrella company advertising open for misinterpretation.

This morning, I received a very interesting email from Global Recruiter magazine, which started me thinking about the claims made by umbrella companies and how misleading it can be to anyone, even those who have been in the industry for years.

On Thursday 21st June, The Global Recruiter sent out an email advertisement for FPS Group. At the top of that advertisement was a statement which read “FPS Group is the only Government regulated umbrella administrator.” Upon review, we believe this statement should have made clear that the company is regulated by the Isle of Man government.

The Global Recruiter seeks to deliver its readers clear and accurate information through all its channels and all editorial and advertising copy is checked for this. Unfortunately on this occasion, our internal process failed. It is our view that the advertisement on Thursday fell short of those standards and therefore should not have been sent out to our readers in that format.

The Global Recruiter apologises sincerely to everyone who feels mislead by the email advertisement and for any confusion it may have caused.

I am working to try and ensure that this kind of thing does not go un-missed, and that the information is made available to everyone associated with the industry. The claim may well be technically correct, however it is amazing to see how the use of clever wording can be “interpreted” and used to attract contractors.