Pulse Referral Scheme

All Umbrella Companies Are Equal were contacted regarding the referral scheme that is being offered by one of our members. In accordance with our Straight Talking policy we posed the question to Pulse Umbrella and have gained the following response.

“Firstly, this is not a Pulse Umbrella referral scheme but is purely for Pulse Accounting. So in terms of the charter, I don’t believe there is an issue as we do not make incentive payments to recruitment consultants for Umbrella referrals.

Secondly, The Bribery Act is a consolidation of the current law relating to bribery. With the exception of the creation of a new corporate offence, the offences under the act have not change markedly from those previously in force. There has been no implication that referral fees were illegal under previous legislation and therefore nor are such fees illegal under the new arrangements.

The private individuals who sign up to become referrers agree to strict terms and conditions which include the agreement that they must pay any appropriate taxes due. This is in line with standard referrer agreements, and is completely acceptable under UK law.”Ted Hobbs – Account Manager for Pulse Umbrella.