Members invited to join the All Umbrella Companies Are Equal Group on LinkedIn

Following the recent All Umbrella Companies Are Equal meeting, one of our members, Ifan Kaldain of iBalance suggested that it may be of use for the members to set up a group on LinkedIn where we can share information, discuss legislation changes and review group policies. Thanks for the suggestion Ifan, the group is now set up as a Members Only Group, and we look forward to having all the members join.

All Umbrella Companies Are Equal LinkedIn Group
“As we are all aware, there are many umbrella companies out there who make outrageous claims to appeal to contractors and to be honest in today’s climate, the offer of a higher take home pay is always going to be appealing. However, this also creates a problem for umbrella companies that offer legitimate, above board propositions to contractors. The impact on the perception of the industry has been huge.

This group has been set up for members ONLY to enable us to discuss group policies, highlight any legislation changes, or just industry news.”