ISS Respond to Government Consultation on Offshore Employment Intermediaries

In a recent article issued by Global Recruiter Magazine, it appears that ISS have reappeared and chosen to put themselves back in the spotlight.

ISS has welcomed the Government’s consultation on proposals to ensure National Insurance is paid by offshore employment intermediaries. The consultation sets out the Government’s plans to create an Employer’s NIC charge on offshore intermediaries employing workers in the UK. Graeme Harker, director of ISS, believes the recent announcement by HMRC has brought much-needed clarity to an increasingly complex tax system.

He said: “At ISS we have a history of working closely with HMRC to ensure compliance of our business model and we welcome this recent clarification offered by HMRC.

“The proposals if passed will have a direct impact on the ISS business model but we expected these changes following the budget announcement and have sufficient contingency plans in place to ensure that there is minimum impact on our clients. ISS will continue to develop its services in line with changing HMRC guidelines to ensure our employees benefit from effective tax planning arrangements. Importantly, the recent announcement confirms that our model remains entirely within the rules, at least until April 2014, so it is business as usual.”

Despite the report’s claim that the measures are not likely to have a significant economic impact, Mr Harker disagrees.

He added: “ISS is not a form of aggressive tax avoidance – it is fully-compliant tax planning which delivers small savings that end up being pumped back into the economy via employees’ pay packets.

Mr Harker also continues to stress that the proposal document states that there won’t be any retrospective measures; “For now, our ongoing objective will be to engage with HMRC by sending a response to the consultation in advance of the draft and final legislation which is scheduled to be implemented by April 2014. This will ensure our employees and clients continue to benefit from our services and effective tax planning arrangements, before and after the changes proposed for 2014.”

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