i4 Group: Straight Talking

All Umbrella Companies Are Equal have been approached with regards to one of it’s members and their connections to the Isle Of Man. Inline with the spirit of the venture, we put the query to i4 Group to allow them to give a “straight talking” response.

Original Query:
I4 group who are on your list of approved, they are based not far up the road from the other crowd in the Isle of Man http://www.i4groupuk.com/forms/Enquiry_pack.pdf if you look at their return envelope it clearly states the return address as the isle of man, they are also approved by contractors view strangely they in their terms and conditions states  Your use of this website and any dispute arising out of such use of the website is subject to the laws of The Isle of Man. – See more at: http://www.contractorsview.co.uk/help.php?Terms-Conditions-5#sthash.6NSymRFu.dpuf

Michael Konzon of i4 Group responds.

With regards to Contractors View, we cannot help where they are based and who they approach and in return who agrees to register with them as with many of these comparison sites, as explained, for a reasonable fee we have trialled their website, and depending on the amount of business it gives us will decide if we register again for next year.  The link between which umbrella companies have registered with their site and The Isle of Man could be a coincidence.  I have never met with any one there and was given a telephone call/email to try the site out.  It was initially offered as a free service, so obviously would not reject the chance to get ‘reviewed’ and publicised on an industry website for free. As for i4 being based in the Isle of Man, we have an office there and we have never denied or hidden this fact and all of our contractors are aware of this fact. We are a UK registered company; our company registration number is 05407362) http://wck2.companieshouse.gov.uk//compdetails).

We are also fully VAT registered and charge VAT on all our invoices our VAT number is 970033052. I have provided All Umbrella Companies are Equal with a copy of our payslips to show that we deduct the full amount of Employers National Insurance and that PAYE and Employees NI is deducted accordingly.

The contractors are employed by i4 Pay Partners and therefore their income is subject to the necessary UK tax, and I can categorically confirm that no money goes offshore, our bank account is with HSBC in Covent Garden, all of these details are provided on each and every invoice we submit to our clients. We also have an office based in Australia, to help engage with contractors before they depart and arrive in the UK.

The Isle of Man office is an admin office where expenses are filed, simply because of the history of i4 and its origins. We have never been registered as an Isle of Man company and our contractors do not benefit in any way shape or form in their net pay because of this office.

As a member of ‘All Umbrella Companies are Equal’, I welcome the questions and can confirm that i4 have absolutely nothing to hide and fully abide by the UK tax and employment laws.  Any person who wishes to see the London office is always free and welcome to pop in, we are not a virtual office!  We understand that there are umbrella providers that are not registered in the UK and benefit from this, we fully support ‘All Umbrella Companies are Equal’s’ campaign to get the industry cleared up.