Contractor Dilema’s

I recently came across a thread on a contractor forum that caught my eye, so thought it may be worth looking at the dilemmas’ that contractors face when working with agencies and umbrella companies;

“I work through Hays, and my current “Umbrella” has been removed from their PSL – forcing me to change to a new one. I find it offensive that Hays have the right to tell me which payment solution to use, but since I do want to stay in my current contract, I have to bow to their demands…”

I do find it amazing in this day and age that people can be literally forced into a situation regarding the security of their finances by another company or risk loosing the contract role.

In a recently publicised article, agencies had suggested that umbrella companies were going direct to end clients, and sidestepping the agencies – however it does seem more likely that the agencies are pushing the contractors’ down alternative routes in an attempt to have control over their own finances and to be honest I can’t blame them!

As a contractor, if you have similar experiences that you would like to share, then please let me know by emailing me at