APSCo Code of Conduct Updated

The APSCo Codes of Conducts are by necessity ‘living’ documents which must adapt to reflect the ever-changing recruitment environment. As a consequence we have made two important changes to both the member and affiliate member Codes of Conducts. The changes have been made to clauses 4.3 and 9.

Clause 4.3 – the wording has been changed from “referral fee” to “referral fee or other financial incentive”. Clause 4.3 also now includes a new sub-clause specifically stating that members must not put undue pressure on another business to offer or accept referral fees/financial incentives.

A new clause 9 has been added to the Codes regarding Whistleblowing.

Below are links to the Code of Conducts which have changed.
Members Code of Conduct
Affiliates Code of Conduct