All Umbrella Companies Are Equal Members Feedback

Lets take a look at why All Umbrella Companies Are Equal has created a storm in the industry! We look for feedback from umbrella companies who have agreed to the charter..

“When I first heard about the ‘All Umbrella Companies are Equal’ idea my immediate reaction was “well it’s about time!”.  The industry has been left to look after itself for too long and the majority of bodies out there that try and offer ‘impartial’ advice tend to be flawed and are more concerned with which umbrella company has the deepest pockets. The charter is an excellent idea to make sure that umbrella companies are all singing from the same hymn sheet, those that are not clearly do not operate a legitimate umbrella solution and contractors and agencies alike need to be made aware of this. It will simply boil down to which umbrella company can offer the contractors the best quality service, as it should have always been.  The industry has needed a good clean up and this is the way to do it! I recommend that contractors, agencies and legitimate umbrella providers get fully behind the idea.
Michael Konzon – i4 Group
“We at iBalance believe in a fair deal for contractors through fully compliant payroll methods. There are many umbrellas companies now – some are compliant while others are less so. We appreciate that contractors can feel overwhelmed attempting to differentiate between the two, and this is why we agreed to join All Umbrella Companies Are Equal – to convey the straight facts to contractors on a site that promotes fair competition and unbiased information.”
Ifan Kaldain – iBalance

A word from the Founders

“It has been great to see such support for the venture from umbrella companies who are happy to have healthy competition based around customer service rather than a battle of unrealistic take home pay.

The industry has suffered from a bad reputation in the past because of the ‘dodgy’ schemes on offer to contractors, but maybe now is the time for us all to work together to provide a better and ‘safer’ solution to contractors.”

Lisa Keeble – ContractorUmbrella Ltd