i4 Group confirm position with HMRC over reported debt transfer letters

In Recruitment International’s recent article ‘HMRC Cracking Down On Travel and Subsistence Claims’, it could be misread that i4 Group, a leading provider of umbrella and tax efficient payroll solutions, were involved in a legal appeal with HMRC. To clarify the position, the facts are that the case in point involved HMRC and ICM UK Ltd.

Recruitment International would like to apologise for any confusion caused. i4 Group have confirmed their position with HMRC over the recently reported receipt of transfer of debt letters. Director Nick Stevenson told Recruitment International, “i4 Pay Partners Limited, our Umbrella Company, has NOT received any correspondence what so ever from HMRC regarding debt transfer. In fact, within the last six weeks, i4 Pay Partners has successfully completed a full PAYE and Expenses audit by HMRC with the comments made by the inspectors that ‘the company was one of the best run umbrella companies they have audited in the last eighteen months’.

“i4 Pay Partners is and always has been, fully compliant with all HMRC and Employer regulations.” Mr Stevenson added that, “A separate i4 Company did receive debt transfer letters relating to an alleged past ‘association’ with CBS Ltd, an accountancy firm that ceased trading four years ago, which is being strenuously appealed through the company’s professional advisers.”

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