19 Umbrella Companies Sign up to Best Practice Charter

Launched only at the start of this week, All Umbrella Companies Are Equal appears to have caught the attention of the industry. Since issuing the charter to umbrella companies throughout the UK, 19 companies have stepped forward to show support for the concept so far.

ContractorUmbrella Ltd, the company behind the Charter, launched the site with the intention of providing contractors with the opportunity to quiz umbrella companies about their business practices in an open forum. It is hoped that the contractors can then make a decision on which umbrella company to choose based on the service they can expect to receive!

The following extracts are taken from correspondence received from umbrella companies about the introduction of the Charter;

“We are pleased that someone has taken the initiative to stand up for ethical and compliant umbrella companies.”SimplyCo.

“Here, here! We are very much behind this initiative and will lend our support to ‘cleaning up the industry.” Liquid Friday.

“A fantastic idea & much needed!”i4 Group.

In a recent interview, Lisa Keeble, ContractorUmbrella’s Managing Director stated; “We have always known that amongst compliant umbrella companies, there has been a desire for more communication and openness within the industry and we think that it is wonderful, that in such a short period of time, so many umbrella companies have indicated their desire to work as a group for the benefit of contractors and the industry itself. We would like to thank all the companies that have shown an interest and look forward to helping to create a level playing field for all.”