Providing an unbiased resource about umbrella companies for UK Contractors, Recruiters and Umbrella Companies.

AUCAE is here to provide you with the facts on the umbrella companies, helping you choose the right umbrella company for you. We explain IR35 and the public sector changes, we look at loan schemes and employment contracts. We look at expense claims and the changes which came into play in April 2016. Finally, we can give you some advice on what to look for when choosing an umbrella and what should really make you sit up and think twice.

AUCAE: Providing straight-talking contractor, agency and end client support on working with UK based umbrella companies.

Still unsure on any aspect of an umbrella company and the contracting industry? Then ask away and we will do the utmost to help answer that query.

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We have a team of umbrella companies that we work closely with. They are all are happy to provide advice and information on the industry. All can explain how a compliant umbrella company should operate. These companies are invited and actively participate in HMRC round table events, helping to ensure compliance within the industry.

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AUCAE aim to provide information so that you can make an educated decision on the company you want to engage with. If you see any information that you have any queries with then please do get in touch.

“It makes a refreshing change for companies competing against each other to stand together towards a common goal. We recognise the need for a self-regulating body to drive up standards of compliance. We happily give our stamp of approval for the charter and the work that has been done by AUCAE so far.”
Oliver Weiss, Associate at Blake Morgan

“HMRC sees the formation of any organisation designed to help its members to be tax compliant as a positive development and one fully in keeping with our strategy to support those who wish to be compliant. I hope that we can work together to support our mutual aim of all umbrella companies operating within the law.”
Robin Wythes, Team Leader, Employment Status Team, HMRC